Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Tag - You're it

On a whim I started blogging last summer, having no idea whether I could even “do” this, wondering if I could think of charming things to show and say and whether anyone in the world would be interested in reading it. I think the most memorable comment on that came from my baby sister. She is the only one of us who lives away and she told me when she reads the blog it makes her feel as if she is sitting in my kitchen visiting over a cup of coffee and catching up on our lives. (She’s forgotten I don’t drink coffee -ha!) But seriously, I enjoy blogging. It has taken me in directions I would have never guessed and gained me incredible friends along the way.

One of those friends is Amy of Park City Girl who tagged me in a blog game. I’ve read these on other blogs and think they are great fun but no one had ever tagged me before now.

So ... here are the rules: You link to the person who tagged you. You post the rules on your blog. Then write six random things about yourself. Tag six people at the end of your post, link to them and let them know they've been tagged. Here are my random-isms:

  1. This will make me sound like a dope, but I am right/left challenged. It doesn’t come naturally to me. I still have to visualize my 2nd grade room - the flag is on the left, the door is on the right. (Don’t laugh, I’m serious.)

  2. I like eating from a spoon and if I never had a fork, I could deal with that. :) But to clarify, it has to be a little spoon, no big soup spoons for me!

  3. I only like to watch movies or tv shows if I can see them in their entirety. If they started four minutes earlier -- nope can’t do that. My husband thinks that’s ridiculous. (Okay, it probably is.)

  4. I avoid walking over grates of any kind. When I was little I guess I thought I’d fall through. No chance of that now but I’m still not doing it.

  5. I had to change schools five times growing up. Quite traumatic for someone with my personality.

  6. These days I almost exclusively drink water or milk - occasionally juice. But on the rare occasions when I do drink soda, I chew it till the bubbles go away. This was pointed out to me on a regular basis by my three sweet baby sisters as we grew up. Not in a kind endearing sort of way. You know, the “sister way”.

So that was fun. I'm tagging Misty, Victoria, Harriet, Laura and Megan. I know, that's only 5, I can't think of another.

I will leave you today with that special picture I told you about.

You guessed it, didn't you - it’s Prince Russell again! But this close-up is so distinct and clear and the color's good . . . yeah, you can’t believe I took it either, can you?

Have a blessed day!


Amy @ Park City Girl said...

he he - sorry i couldn't help but laugh a little! I like to watch beginning to end too - must be the OCD - lol

Hey Harriet said...

Cute picture of Mr Prince Russell pooch! Your tags answers were really fun to read. I'm also a big fan of using spoons but I don't like soup spoons either. Not even for soup! Thanks for tagging me but I have already done this one. Unfortunately I'm not quirky enough to think of another 6 random and interesting facts about myself. Can't say my first attempt was even interesting...hehe. Thanks heaps for thinking of me though :)

Kiser boys said...

I love that blog game, however you are way more technologically advanced than I am and I have no idea how to tag and link anyone. I think you will have to give me a blog lesson someday :)

I will post some random isms on my blog.

Bobbi said...

That was so fun to read. Honesty!!! Gotta love it! I like you am right/left challenged too. I have to turn towards The Great Salt Lake and hold my hands up to know which is which. If I'm not home I have to visualize The Great Salt Lake and hold my hands up....WIERDO!!!