Friday, January 29, 2010

Cupcakes, anyone?

Who doesn't love cupcakes?! And now that they are all the rage, they're popping up everywhere. Maybe it's an appeal to the kid in all of us, just a fistful of simple pleasure when the world around us these days is so chaotic.
Wouldn't you love to be five again so you could wear this outfit?

Here's a close-up of the cupcake. The orange icing and the white whipped cream dollop got their dimension with Texture Magic. It's a new product the store wanted to showcase. I'm telling you, it is fun!
Here's a bag from Lila Tueller's pattern line. It's the Bellanca bag. It looks cute here but the picture doesn't do it justice. There's a layer of batting (Warm & Natural) that gives it body and a comfy, quilty feel. Lots of grommets and hardware catch your eye too. I think this one looks a little boho. And I think it would make a cute diaper bag too . . . don't you?

This one I just finished today. Isn't the fabric precious? It's from Henry Glass.

And the bow! What a perfect touch. Since these are all displays, I can't take credit for picking out any of these lovely fabrics or patterns.

Maybe these will brighten your day just a tad and remind you, as they do me, that spring is on the way. Hooray!

Monday, January 18, 2010

It Feels Like Spring in My Sewing Room

Over the last several weeks, I've been head-over-heels sewing spring samples for the fabric stores -- and hoarding photos! ~LOL~

But before I get to that, a couple of things I've meant to get to and hadn't yet . . .

I got the kindest anonymous comment a couple of weeks ago about how my entries have improved as the blog has developed. Wow, you don't know how I appreciated that as I thought I'd become boring as of late! I do appreciate every comment much more than you know.

There was a comment/question with the last post asking about the bags and whether I cut the fabric with the Cricut. The answer is no. Not yet anyway and there's a reason for it. The projects I make that I will also teach must be techniques that can be duplicated in class and can't be restricted to specialty equipment like the Cricut. I can however use it to trace the designs as that could be duplicated in another way. So what I did was to apply paper-backed fusible web to my fabric, adhere it to the mat fabric side down, create a mirror image utilizing the 'FLIP' button (so text will read correctly), then trace onto the paper side of the webbing using the Cricut markers. I then cut the images manually and used traditional applique finishes. I haven't experimented yet with cutting fabric in the Cricut but it's on my list of things to do. And if I can master it, yeah I might consider a tutorial. ;)

I also haven't mentioned on the blog yet that I was offered and accepted a part-time job. It's expected to be just a couple days a week and it's my intent to keep up with the blog and everything else that I'm doing at the present time. Time will tell, so wish me well!

So, now -- on to the projects.
This tote is a class sample. Zip closure and six exterior pockets plus more inside (3 patch pockets and 1 hidden zip pocket). The fabrics are from Lila Tueller's Soiree collection.

I love, love, LOVE this piece! The 'create' image was traced by Cricut from the Home Decor cartridge. The bird was drawn free-hand (inspired by the bird on HD but I needed mine to be shaped more short & wide), and the flower layers were created by cutting a large circle pattern (Plantin Schoolbook), folding the pattern in half, in half again and half again (eighths), then cutting to a petal shape. Stem and leaves drawn free-hand. The pieced border was done with foundation piecing technique. As you may be able to tell, this piece is unfinished, it will probably become a wall-hanging when I get it back -- but I'm not sure yet.

This is a display sample -- for Valentines Day. I must say when I opened the box and saw these fabrics I was hesitant. Certainly nothing I would have chosen (the look is a bit too traditional for me) but this is a lesson in keeping an open mind -- it came out darling.
Here's a close-up of the heart-shaped yo-yos. Both the ivory and the pink dot fabrics have a metallic sheen in the design that adds shimmer and interest.
By the way -- if you sew, you like yo-yos, and haven't tried the yo-yo makers -- you should do it! They are so much fun.
And lastly, don't these 'Sassy Bags' make you think cheery thoughts of spring and summer? They are also display samples.

OK! I still have more photos but I don't want to overload you for one day. I still have another purse (the Abigail bag), a child's halter dress (from Sew Beautiful) and remember the ruffled NieNie skirt? I have the other one in bright colors with a cupcake top -- OMGoodness, it's my favorite! Stay tuned . . .

Friday, January 8, 2010

A Little Bit of Everything . . .

This has been a busy and eventful week. I have way too much to share for one post! So I will pick a few favorites and save some more for later.

My very favorite moment this week happened when Prince Russell (our shih tzu) alerted me early Wednesday morning that I should take a look into his kingdom (our back yard). When I did I saw a doe out towards the wood line but then . . .

Oh my goodness, I caught a glimpse of these two guys playfully locking antlers.

They carried on like this for several minutes, sparring, backing off, then going at it again. It was long enough for me to get my camera and click a few shots.

Of course, Russy couldn't resist barking and telling them they were intruding on his domain.

I love this photo where this big guy turned to look directly at Russ. It's amazing to me what they can hear and from how far away.

I'll share just one more -- I think this is a majestic shot of both of them. A few moments later they trailed off after the does that had already mosied on off in the woods.

Whew! What could top that? Certainly not humble sewing projects. But here are a couple of Christmas presents that I can show now that they've been gifted . . .

this is for my brand new nephew to tote his toys when he goes to visit.

A simple drawstring duffel. I used the Cricut to trace the TOYS text and the stars.

And I loved how these little totes came out. They were for nieces. Of course, there are names on the back of the other two as well. The Cricut and some freezer paper helped me personlize with their names. I do love that bug!

And lastly, I will close with a glimpse of some of the most precious, adorable puppies you ever saw. They were born two weeks ago at 2nd Chance Animal Rescue where my husband and I volunteer.

(BTW, that's a black puppy in the back of the heap!)

Both the puppies (8 in all!) and their sweet adorable mama will be looking for good homes. Please join me in prayers that the new year will bring forever homes for them all.