Monday, March 7, 2011

Dogs are SO smart . . .

This morning my husband forwarded me this amazing YouTube video that was sent to him by one of his friends; it was titled "I WANT THIS DOG". You've gotta see this! It does have musical audio (also cute) that you might want to turn down or mute if you are in an environment where it could be distracting to others.

On other topics, I once again apologize for my blog absence. I have begun to think that maybe I put too much pressure on myself, thinking that if I write anything I need to comment on how I'm doing or how Kyle's doing. Truth is, we struggle. I don't think anyone would expect anything less. Some days are okay, some are not. And I'm not always able to talk about it. Then it occurs to me -- maybe I don't have to, right?

I have been busy doing lots of things, lots of sewing, some crafting . . . and taking lots of pictures. I'm thinking I should begin sharing them, but perhaps in a simpler way with no pressure to make personal comments.

So I hope you enjoy this precious video. Until today, I thought MY dog was smart! Can't let this opportunity pass either without saying - we have so many adorable, smart dogs at Second Chance Animal Shelter where my husband & I volunteer. They will trade a lifetime of love for a good home. Help spread the word - and encourage responsible pet ownership. It breaks my heart to see these precious babies cast off and unwanted. If there is a chance your pet will ever be out of your sight, SPAY, NEUTER! Turning a dog (or litter of puppies) in to a shelter should be a last resort - and certainly not an option for birth control. Maybe that wasn't nice but it's surprising how often we have 'repeat contributors'. And I can't even think about it, but there are those we can't save . . .

In my prayers today - Larry, John F, Brenda, Jennifer, Karen, Paul. And all the fur babies who need homes. God bless.