Monday, June 16, 2014

Just a Few Litle Things . . .

This past week I made a delivery to the fabric stores, my last catch-up before our houseguests arrive later this week and sewing will be on hold for a while . . .

Table runners, from the pattern 'Stack FourTablerunners' by quilt ... The pattern is a stack and whack type, and you end up with two pieced tops. They didn't realize this when cutting for me as I only had fabric for one backing ... So I improvised. I really like the pieced back, maybe even better ...

Then we have the 'Adorable Bag' a pattern by Aunties Two. It is adorable but maybe not for beginners, haha. Although not difficult, it is painstaking and time consuming. Starting with a jelly roll, you create strips, then weave them into the bag body. Took me two days! But it IS adorable,

A couple of potholders in fresh new fabrics, from the immensely popular heart potholder pattern (I drafted that pattern for Jackmans, it's included in potholder kits) -- 

And a garment - how cute is this?! Jacket is Molly by Violette Fields, I just winged it on the skirt (tutorial write-up at Jackmans).

And finally, a sweet baby quilt. It is 'Racetrack' from the book 'Little Quilts for Kids' by Heather Mulder Peterson. I adore this fabric and think this quilt should be called 'A Drive Through the Park'. Makes me think of driving through Ramsey Lake State Park and the cherished sights and wildlife you find there.

Close up - and oh yes, they have teeter totters at the park, and wild daisies (a hand embroidered touch) that grow beside ...

And my favorite feature, I was able to strategically place one of cars so that the fabric provided both a driver and passenger for the car (you really have to click in to get full effect) -- how fun!

And lastly, the back is as fun as the front! Love the fabric and I made a label that I think fit right in with the spirit of the quilt --

In closing, I sadly note the passing of our dearly beloved family friend, Don. We will sorely miss someone who has loved me and my sisters (and my mother) so dearly. The world is at a great loss and heaven a great gain. Special prayers of need for Katie, Ray and Denny. God bless all. Love, J

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

A New Start

Another sleepless night gave me the opportunity to do some serious research into finding a way I could make blog posts from my iPad. So, much reading and two purchased apps later, I think I've got it! Can't promise they will be very polished for sometime to come but maybe I will at least get photos again.   It's a whole new learning curve so have patience with me.

Anyway here are a few lingering photos I had from projects earlier this spring ---

 Valentine card and slippers

Baby quilt for Jackmans, I LOVE this one!

Up close of the quilting, maybe my favorite ever

Close-up of the adorable fox print fabric

A card I really liked

Strawberry top

Another quilt in progress (didn't get photo after it was completed)

Flowers up close

Another card :)

Wow, I can't believe I got this to work! Now maybe I'll get some more projects posted soon.

Prayers for Ray, Katie and Don. God bless you all. Love, J