Monday, May 18, 2009

Amos is Famous!

Friday was an exciting day at the campground when WPSD Local 6 television station came to Hillman Ferry and interviewed our very own Amos Snyder for a special interest segment about camping and things to do for the Memorial Day holiday! I was working the gatehouse when they arrived and hopped in the Forest Service truck with Amos so I could tag along and get some photos -- 'Cause you know his folks and his girlfriend needed so see this memorable event!

Explaining the process . . .

Setting up the interview . . .

Answering questions -- doesn't he look serious?! (I guess for you to "get that" you'd have to know that Amos, an Apprentice Park Ranger here at Hillman is beloved for his light-heartedness and laid-back nature -- not especially serious most of the time.)

It's a wrap Amos, you did swell!
Yep, it was an exciting day at the campground!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Happy Birthday Sweet Rusty!

Our precious Prince Russell turned 7 today! He celebrated with a day full of favorites -- an extra long doggy walk with both his parents, followed by his all-time favorite meal of Mighty Dog Rotisserie Chicken, then we sang happy birthday and he opened his gift - a super soft velour stuffed frog. Doesn't he look happy and proud?

Ya' know, he's just so darn cute that nothing else I can say could top this pic. Plus, I'm soooo tired tonight. I'll catch up soon with more news and pics from the campground.

Blessings to you, wherever you are!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Little Girls are so much fun!

But big girls are too! Yesterday I spent some much needed time organizing my photos and when I did I found a couple of projects I hadn't shown yet.

Here are bags I made for my favorite little sweethearts' birthdays. I made them early and had the pictures hidden away until their birthdays came. They have come and gone now so I'm safe to show the photos without spoiling a surprise.
Maddi is the little sister - 5 years old and pure sweetness, she will make your heart melt with her big bear hugs. Recently after spending the day with my future daughter-in-law Ashley (who is precious in her own right), Maddi whispered to me "I love Atch-a-lee". Then she made me promise not to tell anyone. Don't tell her you know! Maddi is crazy about animals and especially horses so the pony was perfect for her.

These adorable sisters share the same birthday - isn't that too cool?! So when Maddi turned 5, her big sister turned 8.
Make that 8 going on 17. At least! A total "tween", she is a pro at fashion, trends, and all things girly. She is also amazingly creative and talented. She loves to do paper crafts and can whip up some things that make you think - did she really do that herself? Yes she did! . . . She loves the Jonas Bros. If I remember right, I think it's Joe that catches her attention.

And last but not least, here's a first communion banner I made at the request of Alex's mom. I asked for ideas and he had some -- he wanted Jesus on the cross. He wanted it to be blue, brown and gold. I think the gold and silver lame made it fun and more young-hearted, don't you?

SO -- all this, plus a recent visit to a lady at the campground who is making a cathedral windows quilt (full size, totally by hand!) is really giving me the sewing fever. It's been a while!
Thanks for coming by, I'll catch you soon!