Monday, May 18, 2009

Amos is Famous!

Friday was an exciting day at the campground when WPSD Local 6 television station came to Hillman Ferry and interviewed our very own Amos Snyder for a special interest segment about camping and things to do for the Memorial Day holiday! I was working the gatehouse when they arrived and hopped in the Forest Service truck with Amos so I could tag along and get some photos -- 'Cause you know his folks and his girlfriend needed so see this memorable event!

Explaining the process . . .

Setting up the interview . . .

Answering questions -- doesn't he look serious?! (I guess for you to "get that" you'd have to know that Amos, an Apprentice Park Ranger here at Hillman is beloved for his light-heartedness and laid-back nature -- not especially serious most of the time.)

It's a wrap Amos, you did swell!
Yep, it was an exciting day at the campground!


Hey Harriet said...

Wow it's all happening out there! What a fun thing to be taking place, and for you to capture it all is so cool. Amos looks like a very lovely young man :)

Lisa @celebrate CREATIVITY said...

Great photos. Amos looks like he handed himself quite well. I'm sure that was fun.

Also, love the pretty bags in your earlier post.