Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Exploring the LBL

Shame on me, it's been so long since I've posted! Summer is in full swing at the campground. Our park is huge - 800 acres (including undeveloped) and 379 campsites. We were completely full for Memorial Day weekend and nearly so this past weekend. It makes for some hectic moments but it's way more fun when you're busy!

Anyway . . . on a recent "un-busy" day off, my husband and I took a trip to explore more of LBL. Here are a few fun things we saw on that day.

Our first stop was the Elk & Bison Prairie.

We got to see the elk again! They are fascinating creatures, gorgeous and majectic. They are in the process of shedding old winter coats so look just a little less polished than they normally would. I asked my husband, "Doesn't it just make you wish you could brush them out so they're sleek and shiny?" He looked at me like I was goofy and said "No." Oh come on now, surely I'm not the only one! How about the velvet on those antlers? Don't you have any overwhelming urge to touch that? Anyone? Someone besides my sister Linda, that is. I already know her answer. Tee, hee.

And just who was looking at who that day anyway?! Isn't he beautiful?

And look at this pretty creek bed - also on the prairie.

And since you can't get out of the car while you're there (safety precautions you know), I took this photo out the car window. Oh yes, I love my new camera!

On the way to Wranglers' Campground we got to see this!!! Oh my goodness, by now I am so excited I'm feeling faint!

But that's not all. We got to see buffalo on the Buffalo Grasslands. Hey, put that tail down please, I'm taking a picture here!

Here are some lovely scenes from the Homeplace.

The Homeplace is a functional working farm, operating just as it would have in the 1800s. It was fascinating.

These pictures don't do it justice in the least. I can't say enough about the beauty that surrounds us here. Ahhh.


Amy - Park City Girl said...

Glad you are having a great summer!! Your pictures are beautiful!

Victoria said...

What a wonderful life!

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Wow - what a lovely part of the world you are in! Looks like you are having a great adventure.

Hey Harriet said...

Wow that really does look like paradise there! What a beautiful way to spend your summer days. Very jealous here! :)

Drew's Nana said...

Finally checked out YOUR blog - I'm a quilter too so really enjoyed seeing yours...loved the story on Amos...you have some great pictures too - gonna have to get to Hillman and stop by and meet you!

Kiser boys said...

Are you still in Kentucky?!?! I had no idea there were Bison and Buffalo! The kids would love that...so neat!