Thursday, July 16, 2009

A Visit to the Nature Station

So many pretty sights . . .

both flora and fauna.

Doesn't this barn owl look regal?

You can tell this coyote is well taken care of; he looks much healthier than our wild ones in Illinois.

This turkey was too busy foraging to pay much attention to us.

Isn't this a gorgeous lily?

Speaking of regal, how much more majestic can you get than this bald eagle? I saw one in the wild recently, near the North Welcome Station of LBL.

It was rather hot the day we visited so this guy found a cool place to nestle down.

But this photo of the bobcat has to be my favorite for the day - don't you want to join him in a blissful, carefree nap?

I hadn't realized how neglectful I've been in posting. We've had so much to keep us busy. Our days at LBL are quickly drawing to a close. Since George's death in April, commitments at home have created a strain particularly on my husband. Very soon we will be headed home to stay. It will be hard to leave this beautiful area, these jobs that we enjoy and most especially the dear friends we have made. Sigh . . .