Monday, July 21, 2014

Our Wedding Weekend

... And the beginning of a new chapter in our lives. On Friday in a private ceremony, my beloved son Kyle took as his bride our precious and dearly loved Meg. I am overly blessed at Kyle's uniting of our family with this beautiful young lady and her remarkable family.  Meg herself is a treasure beyond description, I could not have wished anything better for my son. Filled with kindness and joy, love and compassion. Her special family is just an added bonus! They are the best kind of people, full of love and gentle in nature. The kind of people you feel grateful just to be in their presence, they inspire you to be a better person. And ... they have the creative gene! They are seriously artistic -- her mother can paint. No not walls like me, but beautiful paintings of beautiful things. Yeah! And her maternal grandfather is a master in the art of stained glass. Stunning, I tell you. He did inserts for 3 cabinet doors for our kitchen (I should show you those). And then there's her grandma, a world class beauty with a quick smile and delightful sense of humor -- I think she inspires it all! Anyway, I have much to learn and absorb from these amazing folks I have come to love so dearly.  God has been gracious and good to us ...
So here is the charming and beautiful Mrs. Reiss, with that loveable hunk of a son of mine looking on ...
This photo I'm guessing will be Kyle's favorite, doesn't he look proud?!

(Wedding photography by Lindsay Kopp Gatewood)

So that's the important stuff, but will add just a few of the tidbits created to 'enhance' their glorious celebration  (haha) --
Organza and tulle flowers for Meg's hair and sash
A memorial patch honoring her beloved father whom she misses so dearly. Made from one of his shirts and placed on the shoulder of her wedding gown, he was with her on her wedding day in a special way, and what could be a more meaningful fulfillment of 'something blue'?
A chevron bag made for her bridesmaid

A Just Married bag for the bride

Honeymoon attire (Cricut stencil project)
Luggage tags (Cricut again)

In closing I must say how grateful we are for good family. Without their help we could never have pulled off such an enjoyable weekend. From serving at cake and punch reception after the ceremony, and most especially pulling off the huge cookout meal on Saturday, I couldn't have survived without your good help! Thanks to my mother Barb & sister Carol for help on Friday. And to those who were at my side throughout both days' events -- setting up, taking down, hauling, serving, packing up and just anything that needed to be done -- SILs Pam & Debbie Kay, sisters Linda & Debbie Diane, cousin Gena, my Aunt Pam and of course Meg's mom Jan. We couldn't have made it happen without you. TRULY.

Prayers go out for Pam & Grace, Katie, Ray, Denny, Eric, Carol & Helen ... And in thankful praise for great blessings. Love, j