Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Most Magical Day

Please dear Lord, tell me what I have done to deserve your bestowing such a beautiful and gentle angel into my life?

The answer of course is nothing. It is the goodness of those around me which has found his favor and he has rewarded us all with this blessed soul I may now call my daughter (in the truest sense of the word).

Oh my. This has been a week of soaring emotions, precious moments and joy beyond explanation. It was indeed a magical day and one that couldn't have been possible without the help and support of so many. I have truly been left speechless with countless acts of kindness. Such was the case on Friday night. An open invitation was extended for help to set up the reception hall and let me just say the response was overwhelming! My dear sisters (including my precious sister/cousin and my dear sisters-in-law) and my priceless best friend, as well as nieces, cousins, and special family friends showed up in unimagined numbers. It was an amazing sight, one that brought to mind a colony of worker ants as the hall was transformed into the scene that Ashley had envisioned. I cannot thank you all enough. It is humbling to have such kindness poured out for oneself and this is just one of the many precious memories I will carry forever.

As is this one. I can scarely believe this is the tiny baby boy whom I carried, nurtured and cared for. Who picked me clover flowers and dandelions. Who crept into my room at night to sleep on the floor beside my bed. And who called me Mommy. I don't think he can possibly know how proud I am of him. Nor how happy he has made me.

I love you my baby, my son. And my dear and darling daughter. xoxo Mom

Ashley's b&w closeup is courtesy of Moltobella Photography. You can see their blog and a sneak-peek of more wedding photos here.


Ashley Reiss said...

Janis, you have left me speechless! I can never say thank you enough for everything you have done for me and for loving me like i am your own. I am so lucky to have you as my MIL but you are much more that my MIL, you are my mom. I love you very much.

Kiser boys said...

Well that made me cry :) I can relate as I just think about marrying my boys off.

patty said...

That is so awesome and so sad all in one. She was one one the most blessed people to have you in her life as well as you was so blessed to have her.

Pam said...

Janis, I know you will always treasure these words from Ashley. It was always obvious to all of us that Ashley felt this way about you. You were so good to each other and hopefully that gives you some comfort.