Thursday, April 15, 2010

Rock on Sister Suey

After my heartfelt tribute, I had to add a few pictures from the wedding reception. My baby sister Carol Sue was the life of the party. I have received countless comments - and countless chuckles - regarding her performance in the 'dance off' contest the DJs used to break the ice. Break it she did . . . Was it 'air guitar' she was assigned? I think so. My other sister Linda (in black & white) was also in the competition. She was asked do a River Dance, and she did a lovely one.
Little cousin Isabella was also a contestant with the Chicken Dance.
But Carol won hands down - can you imagine that?!

I will leave this quick post with a few other images from the reception.
Lots of Cricut! I was so grateful to have it. After altering 5 dresses and making 2, the paper crafts were a fun release for me. I just love that Cricut!


Pam said...

All the decorations were fantastic - you did a wonderful job with your cricut. You are so talented!

Diane said...

Beautiful. Thanks for sharing!