Friday, January 8, 2010

A Little Bit of Everything . . .

This has been a busy and eventful week. I have way too much to share for one post! So I will pick a few favorites and save some more for later.

My very favorite moment this week happened when Prince Russell (our shih tzu) alerted me early Wednesday morning that I should take a look into his kingdom (our back yard). When I did I saw a doe out towards the wood line but then . . .

Oh my goodness, I caught a glimpse of these two guys playfully locking antlers.

They carried on like this for several minutes, sparring, backing off, then going at it again. It was long enough for me to get my camera and click a few shots.

Of course, Russy couldn't resist barking and telling them they were intruding on his domain.

I love this photo where this big guy turned to look directly at Russ. It's amazing to me what they can hear and from how far away.

I'll share just one more -- I think this is a majestic shot of both of them. A few moments later they trailed off after the does that had already mosied on off in the woods.

Whew! What could top that? Certainly not humble sewing projects. But here are a couple of Christmas presents that I can show now that they've been gifted . . .

this is for my brand new nephew to tote his toys when he goes to visit.

A simple drawstring duffel. I used the Cricut to trace the TOYS text and the stars.

And I loved how these little totes came out. They were for nieces. Of course, there are names on the back of the other two as well. The Cricut and some freezer paper helped me personlize with their names. I do love that bug!

And lastly, I will close with a glimpse of some of the most precious, adorable puppies you ever saw. They were born two weeks ago at 2nd Chance Animal Rescue where my husband and I volunteer.

(BTW, that's a black puppy in the back of the heap!)

Both the puppies (8 in all!) and their sweet adorable mama will be looking for good homes. Please join me in prayers that the new year will bring forever homes for them all.


Kiser boys said...

is that one a pug? those dogs are adorable...makes me almost want one :)

Victoria said...

God bless those sweet little puppies!
Between their tender helplessness and the grandness of those magnificent deer... What a magical world we get to inhabit.

Jamie Lane said...

I love the bags that you created! Did you cut material out through the cricut and then sew them on? I would love to see a tutorial on how you did them!

And those puppies - simply adorable!