Wednesday, January 14, 2009

He Loves Them, He Loves Them Not

Have I mentioned that I have the most wonderful husband? He tolerates all things, conquers all things and never rarely complains. I appreciate him always but never more so than in the wintertime. You see, I am a whiney winter whimp. I turn cold about the end of October and I don’t warm up until May. I am perfectly happy with the dog days of summer and miss them terribly right now. So my dear husband (aka my hero) is willing to do anything which requires going outdoors. This includes filling the bird feeders that I so enjoy.
He loves the birds too, especially the cardinals. I can’t figure out why he is so very particularly fond of cardinals. Maybe it’s because they are flashy and red. He likes flashy red things. Unfortunately, I am neither! But the cardinals are and he faithfully fills the feeders with black oil sunflower seeds because that’s what they love the most. . . .
However, so do the squirrels. We have a million bazillion squirrels and he proclaims each and every one a personal enemy.

This is why.

It irritates him when I say so but I find them fascinating. It amazes me that they come up with such clever and innovative ideas to overcome any obstacle between them and those tasty tiny seeds. Today I watched this guy dig out seeds one by one with his tiny little hands then hang upside down by his toes in order to eat them.

Randy wasn’t home, but judging by the way he's monitoring the scene I’m pretty sure this little red guy is going to tattle to him the first chance he gets.


Amy @ Park City Girl said...

they are pretty amazing creatures, determined to the end! I'm cold as I type, I added my down jacket to my long-sleeves and fleece an hour ago. . . I love the 70's. But I have adapted a lot :)

Hey Harriet said...

What great pics! Squirrels sound like entertaining characters to watch. We don't have them over here. I don't hink we have those cute little red birds either! Cardinals? How adorabe they are! I want them visiting my backyeard. It would be a long flight for them though ;)