Wednesday, January 7, 2009

More Sewing and a You've-Gotta-Read-This!

Well . . . you know how one thing leads to another? You'll recall that my husband was so thoughtful to come up with the idea of getting me a nice camera for Christmas and one of my goals for this year is to learn about photography. Well, Amy over at Park City Girl shared that common goal and asked for any recommendations for on-line reading. Jackie, of Canton Village Quilt Works, suggested The Pioneer Woman Photography. If you have any interest in semi-serious photography you should check this out.

HOWEVER, here's your warning - don't visit unless you have some time because once you get there you won't get away soon. Ree Drummond is the "Pioneer Woman" and her blog is nothing short of AMAZING! Besides the photography info which is priceless (stunning photos too), there is cooking, home & garden and homeschooling -- but I can't even tell you about those because I clicked into her "wild tale of romance and cow manure" entitled Black Heels to Tractor Wheels. Now I'm no stranger to reading, I love a good novel -- but this is the best thing I have read in a long, long time! It is a chapter-by-chapter tale of how she met and fell in love with her husband. I am telling you, I can't come up for air. I'm on Chapter 29 and I'm dreading the moment I get to the last chapter. She is witty, hilarious and heartwarming. If you can spare the time and another "addiction", do click on the title above and link into her story. You will be so glad you did.
(She needs to write novels and I will definitely be in that waiting line!)

So with all that said, I will leave you with a few more Christmas items, previously made and completed but unable to show until now . . .

Three bags for very different interests . . .

It's hard to pick out the detail, can you see the distressed faux leather strung with pony beads?

Prairieland Pickers is a square dance club.

This looks pretty simple, but I designed and digitized that logo using a business card graphic as reference. Not rocket science but digitizing is its own art form; it takes a lot of learning and practice and I'm pleased that this came out as well as it did.

So that's all for now. Today I hope to finish a cute diaper bag I have underway. I also need to prepare for a weekend class at Jackman's which, the last I heard, was one seat from being filled to capacity! Mm, I'm having butterflies again.

Have a good day, wherever you are!


Bobbi said...

I'm glad you "found me". Gotta love "heyharriet"...yes I am totally ready for spring but whatcha gonna do? :) Your cute bags made me have just a little titch of a desire to get the old sewing machine out again. My poor empty etsy shop!!!

Amy @ Park City Girl said...

Hey Janis! Glad you found a good read :) Your bags are really great!

I would love to have your email address - you always leave the sweetest comments and I like to be able to respond. My email should be attached to the comment, but just in case - :)

Hey Harriet said...

Thanks for sharing all of those interesting links! And my, those bags are wonderful. Seems you had a busy-bee-bag-making-frenzy! Truly gorgeous. I'm always in awe of people who can create things like that. I struggle with sewing on a button! Hope you have a fab weekend and good luck with your class :)

Victoria said...

Janis, the bags are great!
I will have to check out the Pioneer Woman Photography link, thanks for sharing!