Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Altar linens and a bag for a little girl . . .

Looking at the pics for last week, it doesn't look like I did much but really I did! . . . although I did take a day off to celebrate my husband's birthday. We went to Fairview Heights and did a little shopping (I even got to fabric shop -- he was kind enough to drop me off while he went to the Harley dealer), then we had a nice dinner at our favorite restaurant. It was a beautiful day and I'm jealous of anyone with a summer birthday! Anyway, here's what I did last week:
12 lined chalice veils - 2 of each color. All the solid satins are embroidered with a chi rho, so these took a lot of time. As always, they are more impressive in person that you can tell in the photo. The one in the upper right is a lovely violet with a tone-on-tone embroidery. Oh, my pathetic photography skills (or lack of them!).

My sister-in-law needed a gift for her 4-yr old niece and asked for a bag to carry girl stuff and maybe a change of clothes. You know it doesn't matter what age, every girl needs a bag! The bottom of the bag is covered with vinyl so she won't have to be quite as careful.

I have one more project but I can't post it yet because it is a gift and that person will probably be peeking here. :) I'll show you later.
In our prayers -- my Uncle Bob who had open heart surgery yesterday, my dear cousin's father-in-law who is recovering at home from open heart surgery and my best friend's grandmother who is recovering from cancer surgery. It has been quite a month.

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