Thursday, July 10, 2008

Chocolate and Hearts

After a few busy days, I've got a couple of bags finished but one is an order for a gift so I won't be able to post it for a while. Shucks - because I'm excited about it. I enjoyed doing it because the colors were fun (pink with some lime green). I think the gift is for next weekend so I'll be able to post it in a week or so . . .

So this is what I can post for today. The Chocolate Truffle bag. Staci likes chocolates.

And some little cards. My husband is going on a trip without me so I made a card for him to open every day while he is gone. Each card will also have an instant lottery ticket because he thinks those are just so much fun. My luck, he'll probably win a million and extend his trip. Naw -- he'd miss the dog too much!
Just kidding. :)

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meg said...

OK, those cards are too great! I always mean to tuck something sweet into my man's suitcase when he goes on the road...and never quite manage to do it. Maybe having seen your good idea will help jog my memory the next time around (I hope!)