Thursday, March 26, 2009

Happy Birthday Dear Deb!

And dear she is! Today is Sweet Debbie's birthday. In our family we have a birthday ritual -- you always know the first call on your birthday will be Dear Deb singing happy birthday to you. And she will sing the WHOLE song! You can't talk her out of it and you can't talk to her until she's done, she won't allow it. My sister Deb is a hoot, so much fun to be around.
Here is her birthday apron, which is cheerfully wrapped and in the hands of one of her co-workers so it may be delivered to her today, despite the distance between us.
"Miss Deb" as she is called at work, is a teacher's aide. To say she is beloved is an understatement. Deb 's kindness and compassion are legendary, her heart is bigger than the state of Illinois! One of my favorite "Miss Deb" stories is from a couple years ago when she was on playground duty. A kindergartener had fallen and taken a pretty serious knee scrape. As he was being carried from the playground to call his mother, through sobs and tears, with outstretched arms, he blabbered to my dear sister "Miss Deb, will you call me tonight and see if I'm okay?!". Come to find out, they had an unlisted number. She called me for assistance because - as you can guess - come hell or high water she was going to call Garrett! Of course, we worked it out and she did make that call.
That's my sister Deb. Happy birthday dear sweet Debbie Diane!


Victoria said...

She really sounds like a great person. You are lucky to have her as a sister, but she is just as lucky to have you!!! The apron is really sweet!!

Kiser boys said...
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Kiser boys said...

That was a sweet story! Glad to hear you are somewhat settled in KY.

I enjoy reading your blog...your talent is amazing and a bit overwhelming for my mind!

sorry I deleted my previous comment...I wanted to add without have two comments :)

Amy @ Park City Girl said...

Such a sweet sister! Love your apron creation for her :)

Hey Harriet said...

Sweet apron! Your sister certainly sounds like an amzing person. I love that you shared the story of her phoning the little boy to check in on him. That's gorgeous!