Sunday, March 8, 2009

Happy Birthday to Carol!

Today is my baby sister's birthday. Carol is probably the most unique personality I know. We share many interests, like our passion for animals and love of cooking. Yet other than that, you'd never guess we were sisters. We don't look a thing alike. In genetics I got the recessive dwarf gene (5'2" and that's stretching it!) while Carol is a statuesque beauty. I have a quiet vanilla kind of personality -- you'd never notice me in a room full of people unless you were sitting beside me. Carol on the other hand has a commanding presence. She's strong, bold, intelligent and articulate. Did I say strong, because she's really strong. Seriously folks, if you put Carol in a debate with Hillary Clinton, I'm not saying she'd win but she could definitely hold her own! So Happy Birthday to my baby sister Carol!

I decided this was the year of the apron so here's one for Carol in the toile that she loves.

Hope you have a good one, little sis!


A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Hope your sister had a brilliant birthday! The apron looks very stylish.

Amy @ Park City Girl said...

Hope your sis' had a great day - the apron you made is so nice! Love the toile :)

Hey Harriet said...

Hope your sister had a wonderful birthday. Love the apron, as I'm sure your sister did!

Vanilla can be an overlooked flavour, but it's sweet and tasty. Vanilla rocks! Give me vanilla over wild and crazy banana any day! ;D

Victoria said...

Great apron and Happy Birthday to your sister!