Sunday, March 15, 2009

Honorable Mention

It's been a while since I said it but THANKS once again to all of you kind folks who leave such sweet and inspiring comments for me. I am always touched that you lend me your attention.

Along those lines, I can't tell you how excited I was when I recently visited Paula Prass's blog Show & Tell to find I was featured there - it totally took my breath away!
Paula is a fabric designer for Michael Miller Fabrics and creator of the beautiful Flights of Fancy collection. Of all the lovely things being made with her fabrics, I am incredibly honored that she chose to include my magazine sized totes ("mag bags") on her blog. This was several days ago and I'm still reeling! To have a fabulous designer such as Paula recognize my humble work makes me feel as if I've been sprinkled with stardust.
Thank you Paula, what an honor!

Here are the featured bags.

And another, later creation from the same line.

Switching channels now, I got another little thrill this morning when I got see my quilt block stitched into place on one of the Project Improv quilt tops over at Jacquie's Tallgrass Prairie Studio. Jacquie and her helpers are working to transform these donated blocks into lovely work-of-art quilts for charity. I am so grateful for their hard work and proud to be a part of such a meaningful project. What a nice start to my day. :)
Can you find it? Center row, far right.


Hey Harriet said...

A big congrats on being featured on that blog. That is exciting and your 'mag bags' look great! I can see why there were featured. They indeed deserved to be featured :) I really like the look of the collective quilt! I see your contribution!

Victoria said...

Big congrats on having your lovely bags featured!
And isn't it amazing and wonderful to see all the blocks come together for the Project Improve quilts?! Your contribution looks great!

jacquie said...

congratulations janis! i can see why paula picked your bags to feature. they are fab! isn't it cool to see your block in the pi quilts. it's been so much fun to put them together.