Monday, April 13, 2009

I'm here, sort of . . .

Please forgive me, I thought I'd better get a quick post in just to let you all know I'm still here. The past two or three weeks have been a whirlwind. We are now set up at our permanent campsite but I can't say we are settled yet. No television to speak of, my scooter isn't running and I didn't have an oven until a few days ago. Randy got that up and going however there is something else far more important that has been occupying our attention right now.

Some of you know George; some of you may recall me having mentioned him. My husband Randy's father passed away when he was 8; three years later George became the father figure in his life. George is seriously in need of your prayers. A recent infection sent him to the hospital and he has been struggling since. About a week to ten days ago, his kidneys began to fail. Other health issues including blood pressure problems and a weakened heart preclude him from being a candidate for dialysis. The outlook is bleak. George is an incredible man, handling this profoundly difficult situation with grace beyond measure.

So again, please forgive my neglect of posting and keeping up with the many blogs I so enjoy. I'll be back when I can.

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Amy @ Park City Girl said...

I understand your not posting - new routines have yet to be established. I will keep George and all of you in my prayers - hugs