Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Here we are!

Gosh, when I finally got my camera out this week I found that it had been nearly a month since I last took a photo! I'm glad you didn't give up on me. Thanks for stopping by today, I appreciate your patience.

There are so many fun things to look at here, it's hard to know what to photo first! The wildlife is amazing. There are beautiful growing things and a couple of birds that are unfamiliar to me and I have yet to identify. I have my trusty field guides and of course the internet, so I'll be working on that!

So here are some shots of life at the campground . . .

The campsite. Our "home away from home" for the summer.
Randy I mean Rusty got me flowers for Mother's Day. The hummingbirds absolutely love the red million bells. And there are a million hummers! Ashley & Kyle and Amy (my other kids) got me hummingbird feeders and those are well loved too. I have yet to get a pic of the hummers but will keep trying.

When I began to see goldfinches, I wished for a thistle feeder and one magically appeared. (Yes, that husband of mine is a keeper!)

This little fellow waits his turn on the chain above the feeder.

Pretend I did a better job focusing on this beautiful indigo bunting who stopped by for lunch. ;)

And doesn't this lizard look healthy and content!? I've been seeing lizards pretty frequently. Not so terribly many bugs. Hmm. Thanks Mr. Lizard!
And of course - Prince Russell keeps watch over all!

I'm glad you stopped by. Catch you later - have a blessed day wherever you are!


A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

What a beautiful setting Janis!! How lucky you are to be surrounded by the beauty of nature - the birds and flora and gorgeous. It sure beats the day I had at the office>

Amy @ Park City Girl said...

Glad you are getting into a new routine :) Your "home" looks to be surrounded by amazing beauty! Your pictures are great!!

Victoria said...

Look at the beauty all around you! Wow, how wonderful!!

Hey Harriet said...

Wow! That looks like paradise with all that gorgeous wildlife keeping you company. Those gold finches are just beautiful! I don't think I've seen those ever before. Your photos are just so awesome! Great to hear that you are doing well and things are good :)