Wednesday, October 29, 2008


I got the outfit done and made real progress on my write-ups too! Hope to finish and have them in our box before Mikey the mailman arrives this morning. Here's the outfit.

Here's a close-up of the top so you can see the straps - I love the way they are gathered into the bodice. Oh yeah, I kinda love those tags I made too (double-click to see). Aren't they cool? I printed them using a DIY recipe for photo transfer fabric. I don't know the extent of their washability, but right now they look good! I don't remember where I got the fabric treatment recipe, but if anyone is interested let me know.

And a close-up of the pants. They were fun. Makes me think I may try some decoupage jeans - have you seen them? There are some cute ones on eBay (selling for outrageous prices).

Speaking of prices, help me out. I may put this on Etsy and I need to figure out a price. Does anyone have an idea? I don't look for outrageous prices, but these gathered twirly type tiers take a lot of expensive fabric. What do you think moms? Grandmas?
I just had a light bulb moment, I'm thinking it needs a matching headband too. Yep . . .

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Victoria said...

This is so cute, Janis! I would have been in heaven as a little girl wearing this outfit!

Thanks so much for your encouraging comments about Mo. What a blessing that you survived such odds, and you give me much hope :0)