Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Work in progress

I've kind of backed myself into a corner timewise - I have a deadline this week for Jackman's spring session. This isn't my style, I'm usually an early finisher. But not this time. I'm working Lisa!!! Here are a couple of projects in the works that may become classes.

Laura Gunn, talented artist, fabric designer and seamstress, recently posted a great tutorial on her blog for a covered milk crate and she graciously gave me her permission to use this for a class. Thanks again Laura! It wasn't easy for me to find a milk crate - she suggested Target; ours had none, they told me it was a seasonal back-to-school item. After a few other strike-outs I finally found them at Garden Ridge. However when I got home I found that the dimensions were quite different from hers. But I also bought this other plastic storage bin, considerably less expensive and I really like the shape of it. Laura's tutorial includes calculations to revise the size, so after a little tweaking, I got it just how I wanted it. So here's what it looks like:

I'm going to add fabric covered button/brads on the ends. I have the buttons on hand but have to go searching for some heavy duty brads. I just love this fabric - by Denyse Schmidt, from the Katie Jump Rope collection.

To find Laura's tutorial, check out her Paint in My Hair blog. She has the most amazing paintings and some very inspiring home dec ideas - not to mention the tutorials. Her creativity will dazzle you and if that's not enough, consider this - Heather Bailey is her sister-in-law and Elinor Peace Bailey is her mom! If you don't recognize their names, Elinor is a nationally-renowned creator of whimsical dolls and Heather is a wow fabric designer. (As in Pop Garden & Freshcut collections -- I have some pieces, but oh my it's hard to cut into those.) Her brother Isaac Bailey is a photographer, some of the gorgeous photos on her blog are his work. So -- is creativity hereditary or learned? What do you think? (BTW, Laura has commented on my blog and that makes me feel like I've been sprinkled with celebrity fairy dust!)

And here's the second project in progress - a little girl's tunic top. Yesterday I started a pair of denim pants to go with. I'll post the complete outfit later. The fabrics are Michael Miller, the Orchid Spa line.
Better run, I've got lots to do today!


jacquie said...

i love this...i think i should cover the bins i use to hold my scraps. that would spice up the studio a bit.

Amy @ Park City Girl said...

Your bin looks great! And that dress is adorable. thanks for stopping by :)