Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Two more orders down . . .

We had a wonderful Labor Day weekend, did you? The weather was gorgeous, we got to spend some time with our kids (Amy, Kyle & Ashley), we rode scooters, spent a night camping . . . WOW, what more could you wish for?!

So now that the weekend is over, it's back to reality - I have orders I need to complete! I finished this pale turquoise and pink small-size diaper bag last week. I was told the new mother likes butterflies and I had this cute fabric on hand. Once again, I decided to digitize an element from the fabric (butterflies) to enhance the monogram.

Here's another Aly, but with a different spelling. This one is a book bag, done in school colors. It has an adjustable strap so she can choose her preference for the length of the strap. It's a bigger bag than you can tell - a 3-ring binder fits perfectly horizontally with enough room for a couple layers of books. Ugh, my shoulders ache just saying that!

And my personal excitement -- I talked twice today with the coordinator at Jackman's. I'm officially on their calendar now with two kids' classes scheduled for December 22nd. One morning session, one afternoon. Projects are yet to be determined, that's part of what we talked about. She's sending some ideas for me to consider. I so love kids and taught religion classes for seven years, so I'm thinking I can do this and maybe kids' classes will be a good starting point. Maybe?

Thanks for stopping by. I'll catch you later!


Linn said...

Love the orange and blackish bag!

Pam said...

Janis - that is so exciting about the kid's class at Jackman's. You are so good with kids so that should be a lot of fun!!