Wednesday, September 10, 2008

In my sewing room this week

So far this week I've completed a couple of bags. They are totally different but I love them both.

I have to say it, this one was a challenge. If she wasn't so pretty, she might not have survived!! The chocolate is a home dec with the most wonderful texture and a very sturdy weight. I was thrilled with the way it was handling, zippers (yes two!) were looking great, then I got to the straps only to find out that four layers of fabric plus interfacing were impenetrable - even with a 110 needle! I spent one whole afternoon and no less than five (I think it was actually six) trials before I came up with a handle technique for this one. Whew! Nevertheless, I am thrilled with this bag -- I love it so much, I wanna change my name and carry it!

And I just love this zoo themed diaper bag! Sorry, I had to edit the name from the photo as it's a secret. But it's a cute name and the monogramming is done in a fun, contemporary serif font in lime green. It's cute but you'll just have to take my word for it. :)

And here's a coordinating reversible bib. I like these more with each one I do. You probably can't see from the photo but it's quilted with stippling around the design. (You can see the stippling some if you double-click to enlarge the photo.) These bibs are a learning tool for me - I'm perfecting my free motion quilting skills and getting more adept at using my bias binder attachment.

I've got a couple of other sewing projects underway but nothing worth showing. I'm working on supply lists and sewing patterns for my classes. Tammy and I did grape jam last night - I won't bore you with photos but will tell you her kitchen smelled divine! Our weather is spectacular, I hope you all are equally blessed and having some time to enjoy it. Have a great weekend!

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