Wednesday, September 24, 2008


I'm in overdrive again! Ashley and I made a flying trip to Fairview on Monday to turn in worksheets (due Oct 1) and pick up supplies for the display samples for my two kids' classes (a crazy-patch pillow and duffel bag, if I haven't mentioned it yet). I was feeling pretty good about having everything under control until I got home to the mail that accumulated while we were gone . . . there was a proof sheet from Jackman's - I have two MORE classes in December! (Adult classes, a childen's holiday jumper and a garment bag.) Fortunately, we were already planning another trip to the metro-east for Amy's birthday dinner so I can go to Jackman's again on Sunday. Although shopping on Sunday is against my principles, I'll have to make an exception, this is kind of an emergency!

Which brings me to another gentle reminder. I had so many phone messages on our machine in our absence. I can't tell you all how flattered I am to have such interest in my humble sewing projects but at this point I just can't take on any requests. At least for now. Please bear with me, I wish I could do everything for everyone but there's just one of me!

So . . . Monday evening I was approaching melt-down. Yesterday I got a lot done (must be that rested up vacation thing!) but nevertheless, with so much running through my mind I woke early this morning with ideas swirling. I turned on the computer to look for some design inspiration (or divine inspiration, whichever struck me first). Well, I have a hard time passing up the feeds from some of my favorite blogs and this one had me laughing to tears. If y'all have time, you've just gotta read Monday's entry (Sept 22) on Becauze I Said So, entitled It Smells Like Peppermint. It brings back memories of my dealing with a similar situation with one of my younger sisters while my mom wasn't home. Aren't kids great!?

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