Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Delivering Display Samples on Amy's Birthday

Amy's birthday celebration and my first delivery to Jackman's was moved from Sunday to Monday. It worked out well on several levels. First it was her actual birthday! It also allowed Randy to be home for his beloved football game, eased my conscience about the shopping-on-Sunday issue and let me attend a child's party that I didn't want to miss. Unfortunately Kyle and Ashley weren't able to join us last night as both had to work, Ashley headed to night shift and Kyle driving home from a distant service call on another marathon work day. (His peak season has begun!) Amy did bring her roommate Andrea, who coincidentally celebrated her birthday the day before. Anyway . . .

Here are displays I dropped off yesterday --

PET PILLOWS: I wasn't all that excited about this project but they came out much cuter than I anticipated. They loved them at Jackman's and were making kits as I left.

THE DUFFEL BAG. This thing is monstrous! I added the sneakers to give some perspective as to how big it really is. Don't you love the fabrics? (Click in to get a better look.) It's from the Park Slope collection by Erin McMorris.

Thacker's birthday party was Sunday. His first. His mom is a party nut -- all parties are totally themed (can you believe she's already started with next year's!); this year was a farm theme, thus the barn and red bandana trim for this hooded towel.

I'm working on two more display samples, one is nearly complete and I just love it! Can't wait to show you.
I've also picked up two great new books from Jackman's. Last week I got Keri Mecca's Sewing with Whimsy, yesterday I brought home Jelly Roll Quilts by Pam & Nicky Lintott. The Whimsy book includes four patterns and there are 16 quilts plus a bonus project in the Jelly Roll book! And YES, I realize that my excitement over these books shows the depth of my addiction. Just don't tell Dr. Phil!
So much to do, better get rolling for the day -- Have a good one!

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Pam said...

I love your project samples. The pillows are so cute and the duffle bag is perfect for kids and all their stuff(the fabrics in both projects are wonderful!) I bet your classes fill up fast.