Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Two Precious Boys

Today my husband and I worked at Second Chance Animal Rescue. Just thought you might want to see a couple of charming boys that are looking for forever homes right now.

Johnnie is noted as a chihuahua dachshund mix but to me he just looks doxie. He is such a lover, I can't tell you. If your lap is within range, he will certainly jump into it! Look at those eyes -- one blue and one brown. He has an adorable face and an adorable disposition.

He's still a puppy so very playful and to get him to hold still long enough to snap a picture was a challenge. I managed to grab the following shot while he paused to devour the milk bone I brought him.

His small size, his friendly attitude and desire to please will make him a wonderful pet for some household. I can't say whether he's housebroken or not as I haven't spent enough time with him to know, but I can say that his stall was clean and the first thing he did when we took him out today was to relieve himself (both ways). I think he was waiting to go out so he could do so.

This is Prince. Oh my goodness. I totally fell in love with this dog at first sight. He is beautiful, far more so than you can tell in these photos. But even more beautiful is his personality. He has such a gentle, loving disposition. He too is a puppy and therefore playful but at the same time he has a careful gentleness about him, as if he is taking care to play nicely.

He is 8 months old, said to be a beagle mix. He's what I would consider to be medium or medium-small size. I don't know if you can really tell, but he has the most adorable speckled sock feet.
In the picture below, his hunter's nose has located the milk bone I have in my pocket for him. Can you tell how gentle and calm he is, even when he's found a treasure?! I think he himself is the treasure. He is one of the sweetest dogs I have met. Seriously. I'm told beagle mix dogs are less sought after for adoptions. I hope there's an exception for this exceptional dog. By the way, Prince also relieved himself (both ways) as soon as we brought him out. A good sign for training potential.

I'd love to get you more information about either of these dogs. Or if you have an interest in meeting them, you can contact me or call Second Chance at 618-283-9583.

Love and God Bless!

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