Saturday, September 5, 2009

Kind of a Slow Week

. . . but that's okay. It took me all of last week to overcome a nasty bug. Then for most of this week I just felt lousy. My sister Deb told me it would take two weeks. I should have believed her! Anyway, I finally feel normal again. If there is such a thing . . . :)

I haven't had the energy to create much since I last blogged. When I did, it was mostly paper crafting. I was in that kind of mood - which is a good thing. It's a bit more low-key than sewing, which I've needed lately. Also it helped me to brush up and get back in that frame of mind and I need that for my next project -- working up a sample for the wedding invitation. Woo-hoo!

Simple but elegant. (The charcoal is embossed, click on the photo for a better look.) Our priest of the past four years was transferred and before leaving he asked me to make him a set of chalice veils for his new location.

The embroidery is elegant too, don't you think?! (I didn't get a photo of all but the set included green, white, red, rose and purple.) The card was a perfect finishing touch to complete the package.

And then I made all kinds of birthday cards. We're in a birthday hotspot on the calendar!

Can you believe Labor Day is upon us?! I can't. This weekend triggers my annual end-of-the-summer blues where I mope around and give my husband whiney grief about how I don't want summer to end. Along that line, I will leave you with a couple of images I snapped this year - the simple pleasures of summer. Whaaaaaa!

Hope you have a delightful holiday weekend!!!

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A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

What lovely cards Janis! I am sure your priest loved his embrodiered linens - just beautiful!