Friday, February 27, 2009

What Do You Think? -- Votes Needed

Last week or so, I finally finished a new kitchen curtain that's been on my list for ages.

It took forever with lots of hoopings - machine embroidery is time intensive - but I really like the result.

Here's where I need your help. A couple months ago I put up a wall word transfer in my kitchen. I love the sentiment and design of the transfer but I haven't been completely comfortable with it since I put it up. What I'm unsure of is the size.

Tell me what you think -- is this too big for the space?

And is it too much to have the two texts in such close proximity?

In other words, do I nix the "Blessings"?


Victoria said...

I like it! I think that the large wall "Blessings" acts sort of like a headline to the curtain text. And since the curtain text is much smaller, lighter, and further down, I don't think that the two compete at all, but actually fit very well together. Lovely kitchen and lovely sentiment.

Hey Harriet said...

Yeah, what Victoria said! I agree but couldn't have put it any better :) Looks great!

Kiser boys said...

That looks so good! I love that from uppercase living? That actually gave me the idea to put that in my kitchen. I have lots of space above my cabinets...great idea!

gail said...

i just found your blog and enjoy your posts. i had to comment on your blessings tho. i think its wonderful. i love the bigness of it. i had several of those transfers in my previous home and loved them all. keep it!