Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Good Golly - is this spring in the Midwest?

I don't think so but it's a pleasant thought. Yesterday it was 71 degrees! Hard to believe that exactly two weeks ago we received a thick blanket of snow and LBL the ice shown in my last post. Anyway . . . yesterday was a glorious day to take a walk and soak in the unseasonable warmth. Rusty loved it!

Back in the sewing room I've been working like a fiend. Since we last talked sewing I've completed a set of altar linens, a communion banner, a gift I can't mention yet, two little girl bags (one is Jonas Bros - gasp!), a horse themed bag, two diaper bags (one with minkee blankee & changing pad) and the classy sophisticated messenger that follows - more to come soon, I'm sewing faster than I can photograph!

Nancy is the mother of my best friend Tammy. She brought this fabric to me months ago. She shared with me particular ideas and promised we would get together to finalize some design plans. Well, with the unfolding of events (she is also the mother of our dear friend Todd who we lost last fall), this purse project suddenly became grossly insignificant. She's probably forgotten about it but I hadn't. I enlisted Tammy's help and we planned the bag. In her initial thoughts Nancy had told me "lots of pockets". Tammy added that she had never seen her carry a bag without a flap. So with this in mind I tried to design a bag as classy as Nancy. That's big shoes to fill! I think we will make it a Valentine's surprise.

Exposed zip pocket on back.

Vinyl window pocket for business cards. There's also an ink pen pocket (center) and a tab-close cell phone pocket. (A realtor needs her cell phone!)

And my favorite part -
I digitized her signature to make it personal!

The conservative design really made me think outside the box but that's good for me. Keeps the mind sharp, don't you think?

I hope she likes it. Nancy, as you would imagine, still suffers terribly. As does Tammy. But there are some genuine smiles now. And giggles from time to time. Todd would be proud of them. I know he is.

I'm choking up now so let's just close at that. Blessings to you and yours.


Amy @ Park City Girl said...

Great bag Janis - sounds like you are all blessed to have each other.

meg said...

That is one sharp bag, Janis! I'm sure she'll love both it and the thoughtfulness behind it.

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Gorgeous bag - love all the little details. I am sure it will lift her spirits.

Hey Harriet said...

It's a beautiful bag & it will be received with great pleasure I'm certain.