Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I have lots to learn

. . . about photography. About many things actually, but that's what I'm concerned with at the moment. I like taking photos (more so now with the blog) but I always viewed the challenge of taking good photos as such a huge learning experience and quite frankly I've been LAZY. But with my husband's announcement that I'm going to get a nice camera for Christmas (isn't he TOO GOOD?) I've gone into overdrive this past half-week, researching camera recommendations and important tutorial info. Turns out the camera I've got now is a pretty darn good pocket camera and as I always suspected, I could be doing much better. So with my new found knowledge I changed some settings and now I'm learning and practicing with this one.
Russell is my most convenient subject to practice on although I'm sure he will tire of this before long. You'd think I would have combed his hair first, wouldn't you?! But he's still cute.

No sewing photos today. Thanksgiving preps left me little time to sew and what little I did do I can't show till after Christmas in the event that one of the recipients would find their way to the blog. Which brings me to this -- an exciting milestone for me -- last week my blog had it's 1000th visitor!
Some of my blogging friends probably have that many visits in one day -- I'm grinning because I can hear you snickering, but I'm still impressed!

I'd been thinking about doing some fun little giveaway anyway and I think this calls for a celebration prize. I'll make a little something soon and pick a magical visit number. But this is the reason for the early heads up -- the catch is that you have to comment for me to identify you as that visitor number. It's not hard, honest. Some of you read the blog then email me comments separately - I'm telling you, this is easier. Really. It's simple and fun to comment here and I so enjoy it too. When I get something made I'll post a pic of the "prize", pick a number and let you know the count when we're getting close.

And another milestone -- did you see Free Kibble has reached more than half a million meals?! Hooray! Have you Free Kibbled today? Click on the pets in my sidebar. A simple fun way to do something kind. God bless!


jacquie said...

congrats janis! i think 1000 is FABULOUS!

Pam said...

Rusty is looking mighty handsome!!!