Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Class was good!

I had a group of the most lovely ladies and we had lots of fun. Or at least I did for sure! Everyone was able to get the jumper completed and some were able to get going on embellishments -- trim, applique designs, etc. There are going to be some adorably dressed little girls at Christmas time!

My only regret is that it's so far from home. Ya'll know I'm not so much a fan of driving and between class and driving it took the best part of the day. I left home at 10am and got home just a little before 7pm -- only to find out than that my sister had to take my dad to the ER in my absence. So I've been hospital sitting the last two days. My dad - oh my, what can I say? He has health issues but it's not just that. I don't know how to explain his situation other than to say that some people just have a harder time than others dealing with life in general. If you know someone like that, you will know what I'm talking about. My dad struggles with a lot of issues and every so often he crashes. This is one of those times. This episode has been going on sometime now. It's been a difficult time and reminds me to thank God every day for my sisters. I can't imagine how one could do it if you were an only child!

Well, I really didn't intend to share all that but if I seem distracted for a while, this is why. Keep us in your prayers. With God's grace, we'll get through it - we always do!

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