Friday, August 15, 2008

Scooter Dog

Isn't he cute?! Rusty loves to ride the scooter. You can't tell in the photo but he's much safer than it looks. He wears a harness that is attached to the faring of the scooter. He can't move more than an inch or two so can't jump or fall off. And I always ride slower when he's along. He peers around the front to see where we're going and it is so fun to see children watch him - they are so intrigued with seeing a dog on a scooter! And by the way, those shades (called 'Doggles') aren't just to look cool, they protect his eyes from wind, rocks or whatever. :)

On to sewing - here's a photo tote I made for a dear lady I worked with at the bank. Marcia retired last week after 40-plus years. I know she struggled with this decision for a long time (believe me, I know how hard it is to let go!) but now she is ready to have fun. She was leaving the day after the party to visit her youngest daughter in Florida - now that's the perfect way to start a retirement! Anyway, her family is her life so I enlisted her daughter's help to pick out some special photos to make this bag.

I have another adorable diaper bag in the wings but can't show photos yet as the shower date isn't until next weekend. And there are still more things I haven't photographed yet - it's been a busy week and a crazy weekend to come. Catch you later!

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Jacquie said...

oh my gosh that is so cute. i'll bet folks stare at you all the time! who knew there were biking glasses for dogs!!! cute bag too.