Sunday, February 5, 2012

I've Been Away

. . . in more ways than one.  Since my last post at Christmas (oh my goodness!), we've been crazy busy.  After the holidays and my birthday, I had a couple of weeks of serious work at the new house, then took off for a trip of a lifetime - a cruise of the Southern Carribean with my dear cousin Gena Gayle, and my sorta cousin and aunt - Kendra & Judy.  Really by blood, they are only related to Gena but they are truly family to me.  I grew up admiring Aunt Judy and giggling at Kendra with her spunky personality and delightful sense of humor.  They are still all that and more and we had an incredible time!
So I'm swiping pictures off Kendra's facebook page - she won't mind! :)                                              

Here we all are - Gena, the ship's captain Luciano something (can't recall his italian name), Aunt Judy, me, Kendra and Cruise Director 'Goose' (how would you like to be called Goose?!)  
The natural beauty of Grand Turk - aww!
Here we are at Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville - also on Grand Turk. It was fun and pretty!
Gena & me
It was truly a memorable trip. We all had so much fun, not only because of the remarkable cruise experience but most especially the pleasure of reconnecting.  There wasn't a moment we weren't talking and enjoying each others company, sharing memories and stories -- lots and lots of giggles and just a couple of tears here and there. 

Yes, I know, I still can't believe I did it either! So unlike me. It's something I never thought I'd do even under the best of circumstances and it took more than a little courage on several different levels.  But I'm glad I did.  I'm even thinking I may go back to teaching at Jackmans to try to save enough pennies to do it again someday . . . I recognize I've come a long way . . .

Anyway, I'm now back to the crazy busy world I left here in Fayette County.  Since returning I've been working long and hard on the new home (like Randy did all the time I was gone - Eek!).  We are finally able to see some visible progress.  For so long it was only the not-so-fun things that had to be done but weren't noticeable.  New siding is now up, we added shutters and Randy & John finished the deck this week.  I started painting, have almost all the ceilings done and one room with color on the walls - woohoo!  In that same room we removed the carpet to reveal the wood floor -- which will take some elbow grease but is going to look great.

I'm using the weekend to sew on priestly garments and baby-sat last night with Kyle's new puppy Toby.  Yes, I haven't even mentioned that . . .

Toby came home (from 2nd Chance Animal Rescue) on December 29th and he's doing so well.  Kyle, Meg and all of us are so thrilled.  Hold on -- Rusty says "thrilled" is a bit over-the-top for him.  He's very tolerant, but he does from time to time grow weary of Toby's exhuberance and puppy ways. ;) 

On that note, I will close for today and get busy with all the things that await.
Prayers of thanksgiving for the birth of Colton.  Prayers for Bob, Tracy, Dave, John, Jack & Betty. Best wishes to all of you for a blessed weekend.

Love, J

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